For Body and Mind

Kalaripayattu training can be started as early as seven years of age. Beginners start with training in balance and body flexibility and then move on to advanced lessons. Kalari requires speed, agility, and coordination of body parts. The training to become a Master includes training in Ayurveda and knowledge of human anatomy which helps in understanding vital nervous points.

Kalari training is traditionally carried out in an enclosure with 21’ width and 42’ length. Such training grounds, are constructed according to Vasushastra and are considered sacred. The entrance faces the East and the place of deity is to South West. The deity place has its seven steps symbolizing strength, Patience Commanding  power, Posture, Training, Expression and Sound. Students attain the power to control the internal energy, breath, mental power to focus by following the ritual and reciting mantras. Students are instructed not sleep during the daytime and are advised to sleep well at night. it was important that the students understand that Kalari is not only a means of self-defence but   also a means to becoming determined and self disciplined.

Kalaripayuttu basics


The seven scared steps in the southwest corner(Kannimoola) of the Kalari are called “Poothara”. Poorthara Pranamam is an important and foremost feature in Kalari.

MAITHARI is a physical exercise angasadagam (Leg Exercises). Traning in Kalari commences with leg exercices. With 16 different exercises in the category the student learns to grip the floor with his toes, to keep his balance and focus while performing the exercises. Practicing the leg exercises everyday  stretchs the muscles well and improves the performance of the student. The movement during these exercises is from eats to west and back while the gurukkal (Instructor/Master) gives commands. The side commands of Gurukkal, Known  as Vaithari are rhythmic and aid in timing of vrious movements. This  basic training is necessary before advancing into the techniques of Kalri Payattu.

MAIPAYATTU is a pattern of exercises that integrates all categories of body exercises. Regualar  practice of Maipayattu results in controlled, flexible and graceful movements of body and helps develop breath control(pranayama),strength,flexibility and stamina. The movements have to  be perfomed with a continuous flow of energy. In Maipayattuone seeks to achivs the softness of a cat and the swiftness of an entelope and can act even on a very restricted surface. Through these exercises the student’s becomes like a weapon and he is now capable of excelling in the use of the Kalaripayattu weapons also.

Next follows Kolthari which is also known as Vadaipayattu .It teaches the sudden drift and shift of body parts to weapons and opponents, speed use of weapons and hands ect. In the third stage Angathari, methods to use weapons like gada(mace) ,knife, spear, shield and urmi(flexible lengthy sword)will be taught. Fourth and final stage is verumki, which literally means Empty handed . Here hand technques and Marmavidya base on Siddha shastra are taught. A. It’s very dangerous and to avoid its misuse, gurus teach those simple techniques only a few whom he believes most or have special  interest.

physical exercise




Metal weapons fight



Verumkai prayogam

An Overview of the Benefits of practicing Kalaripayattu

Self Confidence and concentration

Kalaripayattu benefits mind along with body parts. It induces strange feeling one’s heart about his body and body parts. This it increases both self confidence as well as concentration AND invisible gives a control on one’s mind.It makes us adore and care our own body thus attributing a lot to self care and maintain proper health and fitness.

Kalari Payattu For Dancers and other artist

Stamina attained through traditional method of Kalripayattu is Natural. So, Kalaripayattu is really advantageous to theatre artist and dancers who need to perform live on stage for hours. Drama and Dance need a lot of body control and in many ways Kalari payattu serves those artists. It’s the opinion of many experts of this art form.

Self Defense and sixth sense response to situation

Self reform through spiritual method, self-defense for ladies and if one spends time or reach each and every phase of learning, it widens your sixth sense. Another advantage is that, though you are not well performed under circumstances, your body will automatically react to negative situations and enemies as if it’s a reflex action. You need not prepare for that mind and body do the defense mechanism long before you prepare yourself. Such experiences can give you a lot of self confidence and can be helps ladies in many situations.

Kalari as Treatment

While practicing or performing this art, if students get injured, Kalari guru Treats it. Slowly this type of treatment grew as a branch and has become popular. Thus Kalari has been used from ancient times for treatment of bone dislocation, bone fractures cramps and similar muscle problems and blows to ‘marmam’ of body parts. Massaging using oil prepared from herbs of medical value, applying fine paste of many herbal species on body parts(lepanachikitsa) and medicine Kizhi are the most common method used in Kaiari treatments. An experienced Kalari Guru can also use ‘marmavidya’ and make a patient stand in 2 minutes, even if he is suffering from severe pain due to a cramp. Very often they may shake shoulder or body parts to correct such mistakes  and such tricks are the ‘secret trademark’ of sch Kalari guru.’ Kalari movement therapy’- is  a recently formulated set of steps for treatment of joint  pains and similar discomforts. As the name suggests certain steps (chadavu) and stances are used for this treatments and is used to cure discomforts As the name suggests, cles and bones Thus Kalri movement therapy gives a solution to many diseases like disc prolapsed, knee pain and similar join pains. Movement therapy is given in addition to medicine and Kalari treatments

In all Kalari treatment is a step, travelling back to Mother Nature’s lap where we leave all artificial things and solely depend on natural methods, herbs and our positive mind confidence